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Over the past seventeen years Looks Int. has established itself as the regions premier below-the-line promotions and modelling agency. Aligning itself with other top promotional agencies and top-modelling agency consortium The Shine Group, Looks International boasts a network that ensures that we are always the first to bring national innovation to our local market.
With our extensive insight into both the modelling and promotional industry Looks Int. has become the agency of choice securing much of the regions premium promotional and modelling activity.

Our team of Campaign Managers and Supervisors are passionate about providing our clients with the unique advantages of combining the promotions and modelling world.
At Looks we understand that a great deal of effort and expense goes into creating your premium brand image and we will ensure that each promoter is perfectly profiled to compliment your unique brand identity, ensuring maximum market exposure 24/7.

Market research clearly shows that the presence of brand ambassadors in the market place, is the most cost effective method of presenting your product to the consumer whilst simultaneously driving sales and increasing market share.

A LOOK VIP is home to our most fashionable Guys and Girls, aspirational individuals whose lifestyle is the envy their peer group. What they Drink, how they Dress, Play, Exercise and Accessorise is all covetously observed by their contemporaries. Off course, Looks VIP's are only seen at the coolest spots in P.E

Premium people associating with premium brands generating premium returns…for you